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  Beginner Foundation
Becoming a consistently profitable day or swing trader is a skill that requires extensive knowledge and experience to master. For anyone who can master the skill, opportunity for making profits are limitless. With our signals chat we work with each member individually to ensure they understand everything about the stock market, how it operates, and why it's important. We make sure all of our students understand how to trade and follow our signals to ensure they can profit from them.
  Risk Management System
Nine out of every ten traders who enter the stock market fail to reach financial freedom as a trader. But why is that? Well, from our experience, failure as a trader is a direct consequence of improper risk management. Trading is always a risk, but here at Cyber Trades, we teach you how to understand & manage your risk so you can minimize your losses and capitalize on your gains. We work hard with each person individually to ensure they know how to properly manage their portfolio no matter the size.
  Technical Analysis
Technical Analysis refers to the study of certain indicators that use past price action, trading volume, and information to help determine the future movement of a security. Here at Cyber Trades we have years of experience identifying and utilizing the proper technical indicators so you don't have to. Although you don't need to understand how to use these to follow our signals and be profitable, we will work individually with each student to show them which technical indicators are best and how to use them properly.

About Us

As full time stock traders since 2014, we provide professional investment services that will enable you to pursue and attain your financial goals. We have the skills and qualifications to provide answers to all your investment questions. We work our hardest to help every student become a successful trader from our signals. We are experienced stock traders who believe every client is special and requires a unique investment approach. Unlike many other groups, we answer all of our customers questions in a timely manner. We work around the clock to help each and everyone of our students be successful. Our mission is to help people across the entire world navigate through the changing market conditions and help them profit through our signals. When it comes to investing, we have the skills and knowledge that comes with years of experience. We specialize in Day Trades, Swing Trades, OTC Options, Options, and Long Term Holds. We work hard to find the perfect entry into a stock. We then signal exactly what and when to buy/sell. With these signals anyone can turn profit on a daily basis.

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